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Halloween is Around the Corner…

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Breezy Style: Fall Weather Frolicking

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top: Ann Taylor, skirt: Free People, boots: Betsey Johnson, headband: Target

I’m going to hit you one more time with a fashion post this Friday. I love this look for being outdoors in the sometimes-hot-sometimes-cool fall weather we’re having right now. An ankle boot with a skirt or dress is a great look for this season. Not too cold to cover up everything and it gives a feminine outfit a nice boyish kick. How cute would this be for a fall festival or going to get your halloween pumpkins?? 🙂

Have a great weekend, friends!

Breezy Style: The Mixed Print

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shirt: Nordstrom, tank: Anthropologie, pants: Target, shoes: Jessica Simpson, necklace: Express

I think it’s so much fun when people play with different patterns and texture. Yes, mixing prints can be kind of scary but at the same time, I feel like it’s bold and a statement. I like putting a solid in between the prints if you’re a little unsure of it or maybe a belt. The belt would be really cute between a stripy shirt and a floral/printed skirt. I’m a huge fan of skinny jeans so I’m really loving the look of a flowy top and a slimmer jean.

What do you think? Would you mix a print?

My Boyfriend Has Made it 1 Year!

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Just yesterday, Aaron decided to celebrate our 1 year dating anniversary. I say decided because, he doesn’t plan. I think he woke up and said, today- we’re going to celebrate being a couple! hahahaha. If I had known it was time to celebrate, I would have had it on the books weeks ago with an outfit picked out and shoes to go with it. I think we get along so well because we’re so opposite… PS, it was REALLY exciting not knowing what we were doing and getting surprizes 🙂

On Wednesdays, I have work meetings all morning. Trucking back to my office with a whole new ‘to-do’ list from the meeting, I was surprized with these!

They are SOOO pretty and are even more beautiful the day after. I practically worked the rest of the morning with an idiot grin on my face.

Lunchtime and I headed home to find… ANOTHER batch of pretty fall flowers handing on my wreath!!! OMG- what did I do to deserve this!!!???

So now I have WORK flowers and HOME flowers. Double Whammy! Girls- you gotta get you one of these!! haha, just not mine. Aaron was so thoughtful and it made me feel so special.

I got dressed up after work and he took me on a romantic date to Gulfstream cafe. I even ate oysters!! I kind of freaked out when I saw the black part inside.. but other than that, I got about 2 down. 🙂

He’s such a great person to date and I’m so lucky to have met him. We’re so different but we get along so well… I guess that’s obvious! Happy 1 Year!

Leather Fashion- Add On

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Here are a few other leather pieces and accessories to accent leather featured on today.

A Country Wedding

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Another wedding!?!? YES!! This time, one of my best friends got married to her beau. In a lot of weddings in the past, being a bridesmaid just meant showing up and participating in the festivities. This time, I helped set up the wedding and it was so much more fun to be a part of it. I could walk into the venue and say, I helped tying that tablecloth! Hmm.. wedding decorating is kinda fun…

Mom and I went to help Thursday night. Here’s what started with:

Caught them!

Being hungry and slightly delirious, we left the venue only to find a street in Conway closed down with a band.

How cool!… and the high school bleachers were hilarious.. takes me back to choir in elementary school.

They had this fall stuff all over Conway, too!

The rehearsal was nice and check out this awesome groom’s cake!

The next morning, we woke up refreshed and ready for the big day! Here’s the cute Cypress Inn where we got ready..

I about cried when I saw this… a whole trunkful of Chanel makeup for us. We all looked so pretty!

The wedding ceremony was sweet and Amy was beautiful. Look at her gorgeous dress..

I was on bridesmaid duty and couldn’t get TOO many photos but Amy had some really great decor.

The candy table was super cute and the gift table was fully ‘gifted’!

I was really loving Mom’s new Antho clutch- jealous!

Erin was at the wedding NEXT DOOR. How cool is that?? We ran over to see her:

Got a picture with my mom-

And I found some funny candids on my camera, too…

Look at our little moment..

So happy to be a part of the wedding. Congrats You Two!